Telo Island Lodge

  • Located in Telo Islands, Indonesia
  • Home to 20+ world-class surf breaks
  • Uncrowded breaks: 8 Surfers max

Our Amenities

  • Modern accommodations with Wifi and air conditioning
  • a 4-star dining experience
  • Hand-crafted bungalows with fans and luxurious bedding

Floor Plan



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Stay at the edge of the world, but without sacrificing anything. Welcome to A La Belle Etoile, the sumptuous yet refined accommodations at Fanning Island Resort.

A La Belle Etoile

Our guesthouse, A la Bella Etoile, offers a perfect immersion into the beautiful yet simple culture of Fanning Island. Organically built over a period of 20 years by proprietor, Bruno de Lala, and reminiscent of a Robinson Crusoe fantasy, A la Bella Etoile is a work of art that speaks to Bruno’s marine heritage, incorporating many items that came from the sailboat he foundered on the local reef many years back. Wonderfully rustic and comfortable, A la Belle Etoile comfortably accommodates up to six guests and offers a truly one-of-a-kind experience where guests are immersed in authentic timeless village life while simultaneously basking in the gracious hospitality of Bruno and his family. 

Our rooms

A la Belle Etoile offers four private rooms with shared baths, each set in the Robinson Crusoe-esqe compound of the de Lala family. Each unit is constructed almost entirely of drift-wood timber and other materials collected on the island, and each features a full-sized bed cooled by high-speed floor fans and protected by mosquito nets. Comfortable, yet very simple, the rooms at A la Belle Etoile are the perfect metaphor for what a visit to Fanning Island should be: an unforgettable immersion into another world.



- Mosquito nets

- High Speed Fans

- Communal Dining

- Daily Housekeeping

- Shampoo, conditioner, soap and other amenities