A fine week of waves has just rolled by here at Tenggara, and an equally fine bunch of gentlemen came out from San Francisco to surf under clear East Indo skies.

Let’s meet the fellas.

First up, trip ringleader Jack Martinelli. Owns a sign making business back home and organised the whole trip. The boys owe him!

Austin Williams. Super mellow cat who surfs with a beautiful old-school style.

Michael Cronin. Half the age of the rest of the boys and the trip’s biggest improver thanks to tips from guides Jordy and Alex.

Mark Dupaix. Mr Experience. A chiropractor who makes board bags as a hobby. Mark’s been doing trips for his whole life. In fact he showed us a photo from his old high school year book and his quote was about chasing perfect waves in remote locations. That’s what we call the right kind of ambition.

Jeff Skover. An ex cop and absolute legend. Jeff learnt the local language from our local staff every day and got on with them really well. Another beneficiary of tips from guides Alex and Jordy.

So yeah, we had really good waves all week. We surfed The Peak, The Farm, The Barn and The Point all in great conditions. The wind was offshore every morning, would then glass off, turn light and variable through the day and then glass off for the late one. A SW swell, 4.5ft at 17 seconds was the highlight day.

We didn’t really do much else through the trip, too much surf to be honest: heaps of stretching on the yoga mats, learning the local language, hanging out with the local kids, listening Mark and Jeff bicker about THAT drop in incident back in the 90s, and seeing out the day with a hike to the top of Tenggara hill with an esky full of cold beer.

The simple things eh in life? Let’s check some pics.