Here’s something your correspondent has observed over the years. Never met a South African surfer who wasn’t a champion human. There must be a few duds out there somewhere, but we’ve never met any.

So you can imagine our surprise when half a dozen complete and utter bastards from Cape Town rolled in to TPL in the last week of November.

Appalling specimens, to a man.

Nah, jokes, these guys are deadest legends! Let’s meet ‘em.

Rory Antrobus. Fruit exporter from Cape Town. Loves to fly a plane. One of Pegasus’s favourite guests.

Dean Grobler. Originally from Durban but now lives in Denmark. Amazing surfer who only gets to ride every few months. In the business of selling nursing bras, if you must know.

Garth Fourie. Big Wave hell-fella from Cape Town. Retired and devotes his time to hunting the juice.

Duncan Napier.
Another hardcore Capetownian, die-hard spearfisherperson.

Richard Bowsher. Left Cape Town for San Fran to make coin in the interwebs industry, returned home to become a farmer and ended up creating AfrikaBurn, an ambitious festival devoted to “inclusive community building, decommodification, creativity, self-reliance and radical self-expression.”

Sabastian Prinz. Co-creator of AfrikaBurn and owns a film company in Cape Town.

And finally, Paul Jablon out of Laguna Beach California. Retired from the aviation industry and super dedicated to the pursuit of quality surf and snow. Racked up the most water hours of the lot.

And was Tenggara kind to our seven guests? A pesky westerly wind was an issue through the start of the trip but the Point was fun and providing 200-meter rides. When wind and swell both dropped the magic of our agriculturally themed spots came into play – The Farm and The Barn turning on beautifully. By the end of the trip all concerned were surfed out.