It’s a big beautiful 2019 coming up for Tenggara Point, but it would be remiss of us not to do quick recap of December ’18, and acknowledge some of the guests who called by Tenggara through that month.

First up, we had the legendary duo of Dom McColl and Nick McCormack – two goofy-footer mates from Melbourne. Dom’s a builder by trade, a funny fella full of energy. Nick – who works for Telstra – was a bit quieter than Dom, but was always smiling and positive.

And why wouldn’t you be – two mates with Tenggara practically to themselves! Being goofyfooters, the lads took a shine to The Farm, which turned on for the first half of the trip. When the SW wind set in, the lads settled for the Point out the front.

The boys were joined by Paul Jablon – retired and super-fit cruiser out of California who was a guest through November but couldn’t bring himself to leave! Tenggara has that effect on a human.

Another dynamic duo turned up not long after Dom and Nick, this time in the form of Dan Fisher and Bec Clarke. Dan’s a chemical engineer from Melbourne and his girlfriend Bec hails from the Gold Coast. Bec runs a swimwear company that manufactures in Bali so she’s no stranger to Indo!

Despite the brilliant sunshine, the wind was a bit temperamental for Dan and Bec’s stay, which kept the TP guides on their toes as we picked the eyes out of the conditions: mixing up Point sessions with strike missions down to The Peak and The Farm. The Peak in particular one morning was absolutely all time.

In addition to the usual hikes, hilltop beers, village tours and scooter adventures (all of which our guests love) the backgammon tournaments were particularly intense with some high stakes involved. On one match the loser had to eat dinner with no hands. It would be ungentlemanly to say who suffered the indignity at mealtime that night, and mercifully no pictures were taken.

Anyway, that’s a quick look back at December, here’s some pics!