Tenggara Point Lodge was buzzing with happy guests and feeling the energy of a rock solid SW swell that arrived at 22 seconds (2ft) and built to 6ft at 18 seconds which made for some epic waves.

Let’s do a quick whiparound of the humans who called Tenggara home this last week.

Paul from San Clemente: Dad of four, schoolteacher, here on a strike-mission. Scored!

Chris, also from San Clemente: Worked on his tailslides, pulled into some SOLID barrels, impressive all round from Chris.

Seppy from San Diego: Epic return customer. Wasn’t scared to pull in on his backhand, (a skill he may have learned at Aganoa, another Pegasus joint!)

Sheri from Malibu. Her first surf trip. Gave the bigger days a crack and came away from the trip a vastly different surfer to how she arrived, especially with expert tips from Jordy

Asher from San Clemente: Frothed on the quality of surf and loved getting into the kitchen and cooking with our LEGENDARY Mama Sanny. Asher’s guacamole was next-level.

Mike from Auckand, NZ: 70 years young and an absolute champion of a bloke. Charged on his mal and pulled in with the best of ‘em.

Greg from Auckland. Mike’s son and verbal/comedy sparring partner. Funny fella whose surfing really came to life.

Anyway, we won’t bore you with too many details. Needless to say there was one day in particular out at the point that no-one will ever forget, several other days were the stuff of dreams, we did a few fun scooter tours to neighbouring villages, Sheri learnt some nice guitar chords, and Seppy may or may not one day throw a party in Vegas for all the mates he’s made on Pegasus trips!

Let’s get on to the pics!<