Sorry ‘bout the delay on this one folks! This trip actually wound up November 20th.

Time gets away from the best of us hey!

So… casting our minds back mid to late November – ah yes, it’s all coming back to us now – we were stoked to host six happy legends from the US west coast. Eddy and Aaron from San Francisco, and John, Clint, Karl and Dan from San Diego.

You’ve never met a more surf stoked bunch!

Surfwise, the swell was on the moderate size, head high for the most part, with clean morning conditions and blustery onshores through the back half of the day.

Our six-pack of San-Franciscan-Diegans knew to make the most of anything that came their way, and early starts were the order of the day.

Highlight sessions were had at the Peak and The Farm. And of course to cut down from the terrible overcrowding that five other surfers in the water represents out here at Tenggara, we occasionally split the group up between breaks to bring numbers down to an even more pleasant three surfers per lineup.

Between an abundance of fun waves, scooter tours out to other villages, arvo beers in the pool or up on the hill, and one final night of fun and laughs with the staff, our six pack of frothers bumped out of Tenggara and back to their real lives surfed out, stoked and satisfied.

Here’s some pics, taken by one of their number, John Cocozza.