Much as several customers would love us to keep the doors open at Tenggara all year round, the East Indo trade winds make things a little patchy for conditions through the guts of the year, so Tenggara goes into hiatus for a few months.

Come September – just as the East Coast of Australia starts to feel the sting of spring’s nasty north-easterlies – the East Indo trades abate and Tenggara comes back online in a big way.

Mark from Perth and John from the NSW South Coast came over recently to be first cabs off the rank, and surfed themselves into an absolute stupor.

It’s been sunny days with nice cool evenings and mornings, and mostly super clean conditions. We’ve had four to five feet of SW swell with a 14-17-second period. Tenggara Point – smack bang out the front – has been the go!

Mark works in the film industry and his imaginary viewfinder constantly framed sweeping empty lineups and the dramatic Tenggara coastline.

John’s a yoga instructor and certainly needed his yoga practice to stay loose after days of multiple sessions and loooong paddles back out to the takeoff spot.

So good to see this beautiful wave back in the swing. And a treat to spend time with these two cruisy rippers.

We’ll keep this report nice and tight, cheers for now!