Another awesome trip has just wrapped here at TPL, with four very happy, very surfed out souls packing their board bags, hugging staff goodbye and taking one last look out to The Point and quietly promising to return.

Let’s meet our awesome foursome – all of whom hail from the good old US of A:

Firstly, Brett Boudousquie. On top of a million backhand hooks out the front, and some nice fish caught off the point, the sale of Brett’s business went through while he was here! Dreams came true for Bretty everywhere he turned.

Chris Garner. Fit-as-a-fiddle landscaper who found the Point out front very much to his liking. His brand new Firewire seemed to approve too!

Greg Smith. The Pickle King! Greg runs a big ol’ pickle enterprise in the States. Has forgotten more about pickles that you’ll ever know. Loved the high line and speed runs.

Dr Mark Lawler. The good Doc with a surfing style that’s easy on the eye religiously does a surf trip every year. This is one of the more memorable ones in Mark’s recent memory.

The crew enjoyed perfect clean morning conditions out front, a few excursions to The Farm to get some sweet lefts for goofy Brett, and a fun session at The Peak on a sheet glass day. We ventured out on a memorable scooter tour of the area, enjoyed the incredible food and hospitality of the TPL staff, and walked up the top of the hill, beers in hand, on sunset to watch the empty Point do its thing.

More than anything, the guys were genuinely thrilled at a week of surfing in empty lineups.