Father and Son Froth!

monkeys resort south telo surf report

January in the Telos is nothing if not quiet. We’re not complaining really, empty lineups and a light workload at the lodge means more waves for us. But gradually, some switched-on adventurer types are joining the dots and starting to scoot over for some of that quiet season goodness.

Speaking of which, you’d be hard pressed to find a more switched-on couple of fellas than Ron Meyer and his son Blair.

Ron and Blair come from Auburn, Northern California, a town surrounded by mountains that these two blokes certainly make the most of when the white stuff’s falling from the sky. These two go big on skis and snowboards – Ron was a skier of note back in the day, and the force is strong with Blair, who earns a crust as a whitewater guide in the local rapids.

Hailing from the landlocked town of Auburn, it’s surprising to learn that father and son have a strong passion for surfing, but these two softly-spoken blokes have travelled the globe for waves.

They were rewarded with a solid dose of early-season swell, and sessions all to themselves, from solid Bojos to playful Monkeys. The trip became an all goofy foot affair with Shaun flying in join them as guide.

Frothing wasn’t limited to the lineups though, the boys brought a high froth factor to the Ping Pong table as well, where some highly competitive USA vs INDO doubles tournaments went down – with Max and the crew sent back to the kitchen in defeat more times than they were expecting.

It’s safe to say these guys officially hold the Monkeys Father/Son record for amount of waves caught in a trip… however, they’ve vowed to return, so the record probably won’t be standing for too long.

We’d love to take you surfing, (and try to school you on the pong table too)