Hilarity and great surf marked another memorable trip at Tenggara Point Lodge this last week.

Here are some classic humans you really should meet.

Stu Clark,
Ballina NSW. President of DFI*. Humble fella with a fond regard for TPL’s complimentary Bintang Fridge, and a penchant for the odd nudey swim. Old mate of Pegasus, having stayed at Aganoa Lodge Samoa etc previously.

Mark Thompson.
CEO of DFI* Aussie bloke living in Bali, with great insight and stories about Indo culture and life. Used his Rip Curl watch to tally his wave count (200 plus for the trip) and let ALL the other surfers connected on the app worldwide know about it.

Dave “Diiive” Eddington. Stu and Mark’s Aussie accents meant that when they were yelling him into waves, it sounded like “DIIIVE”. Dave scored the best wipeouts and the best waves and is the embodiment of positive vibes.

Alex Cook. The kind of thoughtful fella you start chatting with after dinner and soon lose track of time, and the rare kind of surfer who started later in life but has made grommet-like improvements in skill and technique over the last few years.

Leslie Cook: Alex’s wife won’t mind us saying she’s ‘one of the boys’ and is just as switched-on and perceptive as her husband. She CHARGED on her soft top, with a highlight wave – a solid six-foot bomb out at The Point that everyone witnessed over breakfast.

Tevia: It was an honour to have Tevia here with us. Tevia is a Chi Gong master and he was here to instruct Dave, Alex and Leslie twice a day. To put it (overly) simply, Chi Gong is an ancient system of posture, movement, breathing and meditation, and it rocks.

Mark Kozuki: Mark’s a physio who used to work for the WSL and treat all the pros. Mark ripped in the lineup and had a great time with the boys in the evenings.

A quality, sustained SW swell at 14-16 seconds treated us to excellent sessions at The Point, The Peak and The Farm. Breathless morning glass and light variable winds through the day kept conditions well in our favour.

The highlight session might have been at The Peak. This is where the Aussies started yelling at Dave to charge waves so much that the nickname DIIIVE was born

This trip also saw the birth of the Wave Of The Day (WOTD) Trophy and the Take Off And Die (TOAD) award. Everyone was vying hard for the WOTD trophy, to the point where people were preparing victory speeches before dinner.

From The Point to The Peak, from Chi Gong to Bintangs, and from philosophy to nudey swims, Tenggara has a way of bringing our guests together in the best possible way.

It was a great trip none of us will forget in a hurry.

*DFI, The next big surf-wear company. Or not. Either way you heard it here first.