Bretty’s 60th


If there’s a better way a man can celebrate sixty laps of the sun than a week at Tenggara with his sons and best mates, please drop us a line and let us know, because Bretty’s 60th was one for the books.

Brett Parsons
is a an olive farmer from Torquay and to mark his 60th, brought his two lads, Louie and Roy, as well as best mates Andy Byrne, Pete Jones and Pete’s son Harry over for a week of waves, music, laughs, and just celebrating how fricken good life is.

a Melbourne-based carpenter and a great muso with a few gigs waiting for his new band when he gets home. Brother Roy’s in the same trade and also a skilled guitarist. Roy had pretty much never surfed before this trip but by the end was doing turns and cutties. Guide Alex (also an epic guitarist) reckons he’d never seen someone take to surfing so quickly. Both brothers left Tenggara with a lot of surfing progression under their belt.

Andy Byrne’s a retired lawyer who had the best wave intuition out of the whole group, Andy loved nothing better than loading up on backhand blasts at the Point after a big speed run.

Pete Jones
is a farmer like his mate Bretty, and when he wasn’t wrangling the local serpents was rediscovering the joys of the thruster after riding quads exclusively for the last few years – and his surfing responded in a positive manner.

Pete’s son Harry is a graphic designer at Rip Curl and a damn good surfer, landing a few air reverses and tore every wave apart. Put on a special session on a finless soft top one arvo.

Claus ‘The Clausinator’ Grezesch from Austria wasn’t part of Bretty’s crew but fitted in beautifully. Claus is a renowned yoga guru, speaks at seminars worldwide and has a great story about the time he was bitten by a Cobra in India. The location was so remote that his solution was to have a beer to relax himself and it worked. (As if beer needed any more endorsement). Clause stayed with us for three weeks and has already booked two trips for next year. Champion.

As far as the surf goes, it was great if not stellar. Two swells and a bit of rain. We surfed The Point, The Peak, The Farm and Towers. At two surfs a day the crew were shagged by day four but bravely pushed through.

Brett’s 60th saw The Tenggara pavilion turn into a dancefloor with the staff, guides and guests all shaking their thing. Actually, it was a really musical kind of week with Louie and Roy on guitar and dad Brett on vocals. (The Parsons Trio, coming at you live from TPL.) We also attended a party at the local village where we danced and hung out with the kids.

So, great times on land and great times on the water.
Brett even managed to score a party wave with both sons.

Can turning 60 get any better? Nah we didn’t think so.

Tenggara, you’ve done it again.