Two holidays in one.

Just when you thought your annual surf trip to the Telo Islands couldn’t get any better, Pegasus is introducing a new experience designed to make your ten days with us even more memorable.

“The 50-50 Trip” is designed to give guests access to ALL the surf the Telos has to offer – without having to spend hours on a boat every day.

So, how does The 50-50 Trip work? Well, guests spend five days at Telo Island Lodge or Pinnacles on Telo, surfing all the breaks you’re used to seeing in our surf reports, and they spend five days at the newly opened lodge down south at Monkeys.

Some guests start out south, others start out north, and swap over halfway through the trip.

Both zones have spots that work in solid, medium or small swells, so guests don’t ‘miss out’ depending on conditions.

“We’re stoked to partner up with our friends at Monkeys. They’ve got a fantastic lodge in a fantastic spot,” says Pegasus honcho Ryder Thomas. “We’ve done some test trips with a few return guests and the feedback’s been overwhelmingly positive – spending time down there has made their trip even more memorable. They’ve been able to surf their favourite spots up north, then go and surf three or four new lineups. It just keeps things fresh for guests who have been here numerous times, and new guests get their minds blown.”

“We just want to give our guests the best experience possible, and this is like two holidays in one. But we’re not charging any extra than our existing packages.”

So check out the photos here, they’re all of the Monkeys area. And hit up Jay to get your hands on rates and availabilities. As you know, the Indian Ocean has been throbbing with swell in 2018, and it doesn’t look like slowing down, so the odds for an incredible late season 2018 trip are high.

We’d love to surf with you! Let’s do this!