5 Fun Games for the Best Family Beach Day

5 Fun Games for the Best Family Beach Day

            It’s your long awaited family vacation, complete with a much anticipated day on the beach. This is a rare bonding opportunity for the family, with hectic work and school life getting in the way of quality family time. Your spirits are high as you begin to smell the fresh salty air and crisp, natural sea breeze, invoking dreams of a perfectly fun family beach day. The energy in your car is buzzing as the kids stare out towards lands end with bright, wide eyes. Everything is accounted for: sun screen, scuba gear, towels, sandwiches and surfboards all tightly packed into the car. The day awaits conquering…

…You’ve been at the beach for awhile now, energy is weaning and the kids are getting bored. iPhones start to come out, ear buds go in, and all of a sudden everyone is in their own world. All of a sudden a day of family bonding has turned into just another underappreciated experience with everyone trapped in the digital world. This is exactly what you wanted to avoid with your family vacation.

Don’t you hate that? We do. To us, nothing can touch the exhilarating feeling of watching the  break-neck dive of a seagull into the frothing waves or  the laughter of kids as they run into the cool ocean water for the first time of the day. Those are the moments that memories are made of, and we want more of them. In pursuit of this, we have decided to compile a list of beach games made especially for families. Hopefully they will add an extra burst of energy to your beach days, and help you to form more cherished memories on your all-too-few beach getaways. Enjoy!

1.      Family Beach Bowling

This one is sweet and simple. Start by digging three holes in the sand—small, medium and large. Line the kids up and have them roll a ball towards the holes, awarding higher points for sinking a ball into a smaller hole. A heavier ball, like a tennis ball, that won't blow away in the beach breeze is best.

2.      Sand Pictionary

This game is especially great if you have little ones who like to draw. Even better, it requires absolutely no equipment! Start by dividing up into two teams. One team will start by designating a guesser and an artist. The opposite team will whisper to the artist an object to draw (a surf board, for instance), and the artist will have 30 seconds to get their team to guess the object. After, rolls reverse, and the opposing team has a turn to draw. First team to five gains bragging rights!

3.      Shell Shuffle

For this one, think of the classic egg shuffle with a spoon and a perilously positioned egg, just itching to fall and make a mess on the floor. In this version, simply scoop a pile of dry sand onto a spoon and then place a scavenged sea shell on top. Draw two lines in the sand, and the first one to make it to the finish line wins!

4.      The Bucket Game

This title of this game would aptly be called, “The Get Your Kids Tired Game”, because that’s exactly what it does. Start out with four buckets, two large and two small. Big two holes in the sand and place the larger buckets firmly inside of each. Make sure the buckets aren’t too far or too close to the water line. Next, divide into two teams. Each team will rotate runners, starting with the youngest participant going to the oldest. The rotation continues until one team overflows their large bucket by filling it with seawater from the smaller buckets. Its guaranteed to be a good workout!

5.      Flick ‘n Sticks

Unlike the Bucket Game, Flick ‘n Sticks is a perfect low energy game. To play, you need four sticks that are around 3 feet long, 4 plastic cups and one Frisbee. Start by arranging two sticks next to each other (4 feet apart or so), and place two cups on top. Do the same thing about 20 feet away. These will be each teams cups to protect. The goal of the game is to knock off the cups on the opponents sticks by throwing the Frisbee into the stick. The thrower gets one point if the cup is knocked off but caught by the opposing team before it hits the ground, and three if the cup hits the ground. The first to 21 wins!

With a little imagination, any normal beach day can be made extraordinary, making it the cornerstone of your long-awaited family vacation. And, often times, the best memories (and vacations!) are made out of the simple things. So, gives these games a try your next beach day, and hopefully it will add zest and pizzazz to your day, and keep kids away from their pesky phones!