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The Fly-Fishing Experience at Fanning Island Resort

Come cast for some of the most fun and addicting species of fish in our protected lagoon. Completely surrounded by land except for one small entrance, the current creates a perfect drift for fly-fishing. Several shallow areas around the water are teeming with Bonefish, one of the most enjoyable and sought after fly-fishing catches. The conditions that are present within the island, such as salty, warm waters and an ideal drift, makes Fanning Island a rare find for the experienced angler. Each cast could lead to your best catch to date. Grab a rod, a midge, may fly or damselfly lure (or any of our lures) and cast to your heart’s content inside of our lagoon.



The unique shape of our island creates a shallow, protected lagoon inside of the island that is ideal for bonefishing. The warm, calm waters with just the right amount of drift are teeming with bonefish ripe for the picking. Additionally, the topography of the ocean floor has created flats areas with drop-off areas where schools of bonefish like to sit. Our guide, Alex Budge, will assist you in finding the right spots to cast, and will give you a few pro trips that will have you catching bonefish in no time. 



Nowadays it is hard to find a fishing destination that isn’t over-crowded and over-fished. This makes for an uninteresting (and often frustrating) vacation. Our Resort, on the other hand, is the definition of remote (check out this NYT article…). Because of this, very few anglers get the chance to fish its fertile waters, making it a hot-bead of activity for myriad species. On top of this, we are proud to have Alex Budge, a championship angler and astounding guide, as our staff guide. His knowledge of the waters, combined with the fact that you have an entire island to fish all by yourself, is guaranteed to leave you sore from hauling in trophy fish after trophy fish. 


Our head guide, Alex Budge, was born and raised in Hawaii and is a waterman almost beyond compare. Whether armed with a fly rod, spinning tackle, trolling rod or spear-gun, few people in the world can match Alex when it comes to competence in the water or the ability to get a fish on the line. He has been both owner and Captain of the Kailua-Kona charter boat, Spooky Luki and is the many-time winner of Hawaiian Island “slide-bait” tournaments in which the winning giant trevally often exceeds 100 pounds. More importantly, he has spent a lifetime honing the skills necessary to successfully pursue every species of game fish that Fanning Island has to offer.

The Drift


The unique shape of the lagoon makes for an interesting and exciting drift. Rather than presenting solely with an upstream or downstream drift, the lagoons drifts change with the daily conditions. The current usually runs about 7 knots, due to an influx of water on the west side of the island. We have a few go to areas that have a quiet eddy that is ideal for any fisherman. For the more experienced fly fisherman, try standing towards the outside of these eddies and fish the drift.

Our Fly-Fishing Equipment

We use fluorocarbon rods, and offer large, standard and mid-range arbors. We also have barb or barb-less hooks, and a hand-picked selection of lures in addition to your standard imitation lures. Feel free to bring your own rods and tackle, however we do offer top of the line, corrosion resistant equipment (to handle the saltwater) for any of our guests to use. We also will provide you with wading flats.

Our Resort: At a Glance

Our protected lagoon is full of shallow flats situated near deeper regions. These calmer waters are superb for fly-fishing at any experience level.

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A champion fisherman who has both owned and captained the Kailua-Kona charter boat, in addition to winning numerous Hawaiian slide-bait tournaments, Alex Budge is a tremendously talented and experienced fisherman. 

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Trophy sized bone-fish on offer throughout our inland lagoon. Our small format operation ensures that you' re  desires are always met.

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Fanning-Island-Resort-cultural tours on tabuaeran island, kiribati, central pacific

With several local villages around the resort, we encourage our guests to venture out and experience the warm and welcoming communities around the Island.

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Snorkel and dive gear is available for guests to explore the colorful and lively coral reefs that thrive within our lagoon in the always crystal-clear waters. 

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Hunt down some prized fish in the waters around the island. Bring your own gear or use ours.

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Just because you are in the middle of nowhere doesn't mean you can't still live luxuriously. A La Belle Etoile, our accommodations, combines the natural beauty of the island with the comforts of modern life.

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With four ultra-consistent breaks around the island and professional guides to ensure you are gliding over the waves in no time, we promise you'll have an unforgettable experience. 

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