Well... we're in Indonesia...

We're east of Bali...

But that's all we're saying for now. Once guests have booked their trip, we'll let them know!

This is part of our intention to keep this region as quiet and exclusive as possible.

Of course, the location of Tenggara Point Lodge won't remain a secret – people know about it – but tricky access by land, and a lack of suitable anchorages, will ensure that Tenggara Point remains quiet and secluded for some time to come.


We first experienced the magic of  Tenggara Point several years ago, and since then, the process of connecting with the local community, planning and building this Lodge has called on all our experience with other Pegasus projects.

As the wise adage goes; "measure twice, cut once" – and we've been deliberately mindful to tick all the boxes of quality, thoroughness and process. Where it's been tempting to cut corners for a quicker result, we've stayed the course and made quality and integrity our mantra.

We're proud of the result, so when you first experience the magic of Tenggara Point, the Lodge that awaits you ashore is suitably exceptional.



Think the smell of clove cigarettes;

think a small fleet of colourful fishing canoes at rest in the bay;

think "hello mister!" greetings from friendly children;

think misty mornings and rice paddies;

think cumulous cloud buildup in the afternooons before welcome tropical rain;

think all of this in a place that's avoided the progress of development that's changed the nature and culture of other areas of Indonesia.