In the end all of the travel, time and energy to get to a remote surf resort destination is trivially wiped away with just that one epic wave. Our staff, speedboat transfers, and uncrowded region of plentiful surf is eagerly awaiting to get you out there. 

There are over 20 different breaks within an hour’s drive of Pinnacles on Telo and 70% of them are within 20 minutes of our front door.  The surf here is ultra consistent, in the 3-5-foot range, lefts and rights that work in all tides and opposite wind directions virtually guaranteeing offshores every day. One of the main attractions of our region is the variety of surf offers many options for ALL levels of surfers and equipment.

We’ll be sticking with what we already know works well by limiting surfer capacity of the property to eight surfers with the added benefit of being able to bring along non-surfing partners and up to 2 children per bungalow. For the waves that are not right at your doorstep, we provide fast, comfortable, and safe boat transfers with our new fleet.

Pinnacles on Telo Surf Reports

Coming Mid 2016!

The Surf Spots

The house wave a short paddle from the beach is set before one of the most stunning backdrops in the region, this super-fun right lies about meters from the resort. Pinnacles is a great longboard wave, and in certain conditions becomes one of the better breaks in the area. 

A spirited, wrapping, mechanically perfect right hander. The water clarity here has to be seen to be believed and has been the location of many fine tube rides. Many personal-best speed records have been achieved here. 10 minutes from the resort.

A very long, bowling, walling left that will throw up the occasional tube section. The left is one of the most consistent breaks in the area, and is located directly to the south of the resort, a mere five-minute boat ride away. Max’s left works on the opposite winds to Max’s Right, so one of our ‘locals’ is always offshore. The left has been the location of countless memorable sessions and is a returning guest favorite.

A fun, sometimes challenging, bowling right out front of The Telo Island Lodge that offers everything from hittable walls to tube rides. Less than 100 meters from the front door of The Telo Island Lodge, and 15-minutes by boat from the Resort, it is a sight to behold when it turns on.

The crown jewel. An intense but fun tubular right, about 30 minutes from the Resort, and named after Aussie surfing legend Grant Thomas (who holds the Telo Island Lodge Bintang record). GT’s has been compared to HT’s in the Mentawais – but without the shallow end section. This world-class tube has featured on the cover of many magazines. 

An epic left point over coral, with a prehistoric backdrop. This is a wave of moods, from heart-in-mouth tubes to totally whackable walls. Located in southern part of our range, Jurassic Park requires a full days outing and a couple of hours in the speedboats to access – which is fitting for a trip back in time. 

Made up of several separate waves, all of which work on different swell directions, the “yard” is about 10 minutes from the resort and open to the full brunt of swell. Schoolyards can offer everything from a “Sunset Beach” style open-ocean peak, to fun hittable rights and lefts. A trip to the yard always draws a smile.

A pretty righthander that runs along the edge of a nearby island. Has been compared to Lagundri Bay. At three to five feet it may be one of the most enjoyable rights on the planet. Suits beginners to intermediate surfers. 10 minutes from the resort.

Made up of two separate reef passes, the E.R. features multiple lefts and rights. Best on a very light to medium swell, the E.R. has a wave suited to all levels of experience. Generally the surf needs to be flat at our other breaks for this to be its best. The E.R. is also home to some amazing live coral and snorkeling. 25 minutes from the resort.

A shallow, tubing left suited for intermediate and advanced surfers. Dislocators is in a region to the south that is more suited to the advanced level surfer willing to leave a little skin on the reef. 35 minutes from the resort.

Wegs equals Kegs. An amazing coral point, 45 minutes south of the resort. Nothing but high-speed tubes.

Our Surfing Guides

We invest seriously in hiring and developing the best surf guides in the world. World-Class surfers who focus on enhancing your experience, not their own. Whether you are learning the basics, looking to improve your turns, or are eager to be put in the spot to get the best barrels of your life, our guides will be an invaluable resource. 

Surf Transfers

Fast, comfortable, safe, powerboats to get you to and from the variety of accessible surf are a huge aspect of a fulfilling Indonesia surf trip. Pinnacles on Telo will be equipped with a beautiful fleet to access all of the Telo Island's gems.

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