Fanning is centrally located in the equatorial Pacific, catching the same South swells that Cloudbreak and Teahupoo does a day later on their way to Hawaii and the West Coast.  Being 1,000 miles South of Hawaii, it catches the same winter swells Hawaii does a day later with refined long period perfection.


What To Expect

Located 1000 miles due South of Hawaii, Fanning Island offers 4 consistent breaks (there are others, depending on conditions), suitable to a range of ability levels and adaptable to a variety of sizes and swell/wind directions. The surfing is impeccably consistent and season-neutral, presenting ample opportunity to score great waves in a weeks-long trip. 

The Surf Spots

Fanning Left and Right

The crown jewel and the “go to” spot on South swells. Located just a short walk from the Lodge, and one of the world’s best, least known waves, Fanning Left gets unbelievably perfect one day after Cloudbreak or Teahupoo goes thermonuclear. This spot consistently leaves our guests surfed out from wave after wave of downright dreamy surfing. 

Whaler's Right

The first of three unique waves at Whaler's anchorage, Whaler's right offers up user-friendly waves for any surfer to enjoy. Thanks to an offshore slope, these waves are perfectly situated to ride all day long. With no one else in sight, Whaler's Right offers a once in a lifetime experience to carve in style atop world-class waves. A day amongst these waves is a hard one to top.


Whaler's Left

Like Whaler's right, Whaler's Left offers up waves suited to anyone's tastes; you can practically hear this break begging to be surfed. Mechanical waves, big to little, are constantly on offer and ripe for the picking. The easy to ride nature of waves at Whaler's Left and our surf guides knowledge and know how will get practically anyone up onto these waves.



Aptly named, a set at Racetracks will have your heart racing and blood pumping. Known for high-speed breaks, Racetracks is a go to for adventures and adrenaline. Despite the speedy breaks, however, Racetracks has crisp, clean conditions. Together with Whaler's Left and Right, these three breaks offer a diverse and well-rounded experience fit for just about anyone. Grab a board, grab some mates, and surf to your heart's content- and then some. 

Our Surfing Guides

At Fanning Island, our guides ensure success for each and every one of our guests, and can be thanked for countless guests surfing the very best waves of their lives. We invest seriously in hiring and developing the best surf guides in the world. Our guides, who are world-class surfers themselves, focus intently on enhancing your experience-not their own. They ensure both your time and enjoyment are maximized, and always match a break’s degree of difficulty with your own capabilities.

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