Experience the unbelievable, both on and off the waves. While surfing is the main attraction, our staff accommodates trips to fish bountiful waters, in addition to snorkeling a lagoon created millennia ago by volcanic activity, and so much more. Make the most of your time here.


Packed with dynamic breaks, from high-speed adrenaline pumping waves, to surf-ready and user-friendly swells, Fanning Island offers a world-class surfing experience of unparalleled quality. We searched diligently for the perfectly suited island to build Fanning Resort, and rest assured the surf on the island never fails to disappoint. That's because Fanning Island is centrally located along the equatorial line, meaning it not only picks up South swells, but also swells that roll across Hawaiian waters.  As a result, the surfing is impeccably consistent and season-neutral, presenting ample opportunity to score great waves in a weeks-long trip. For a full view of all of our waves on offer, check out our Surf & Breaks page.



Fanning Island's one-of-a-kind location, geography, and topography allows us to offer a diversity of experiences unmatched by any other resort. The atoll was created millennia ago by volcanic activity, and the center of the atoll is, rather unbelievably, an extinct volcanic crater. 55 feet deep at some points, this inner lagoon provides calm waters for swimming, unique fishing experiences, and jaw-dropping snorkeling. The excitement doesn't stop there, as the waters around the island are teeming with exotic fish. Here are just a few of the memorable activities you might experience while on the Island. 

Fanning offers an unparalleled fishing experience. The waters around the island are rich and teeming with various species unseen often by even the most seasoned anglers. Best of all, a max of 6 anglers enjoy the waters for each trip, ensuring our world class, champion angler, Alex Budge, has ample time to help you catch the fish of your dreams.

Fanning-Island-Resort  spearfishing adventures

Atoll Swimming
The unique size and shape of the Fanning atoll means that a huge lake-like lagoon has developed on the inside of the atoll. With only a few entrances in and out, this area is uniquely protected from tides, making for a calm swimming area for kids and anyone else looking to relax in the regions 83 degree waters. It really is hard to beat.

Fanning-Island-Resort lobster diving for fresh seafood

Spear Fishing
Grab a spear gun and search out doggie, wahoo, or mahi mahii, for an unforgettable underwater adventure.  Our fishing guide will make sure that you can have the experience of a lifetime.

Snorkel and dive gear is available for guests to explore the colorful and lively coral reefs that thrive within our lagoon.

Lobster Diving
The lagoon is teeming with a never ending bounty of delectable spiny lobster. Grab a local guide and catch dinner for you and your mates.

Fanning-Island-Resort Sunset bar drinks

Spend the afternoon with a hand-crafted cocktail at La Belle. Enjoy an fresh fruits, snacks, and the view of your children or partner getting shacked out front.

Photography services

We employ a skilled staff photographer with professional equipment who will be capturing your entire surf experience in high resolution for you to relive long after you’ve Fanning Island Resort. We also have partnerships with various professional surf photographers who are available to shoot you and your mates on the trip. Please inquire about this service upon booking and we will arrange everything!