Angling at Fanning Island Resort

Fanning Island is located amongst some of the most fertile waters in the Pacific. Close to the equator, the atoll receives sun year round, making for warm waters and plenty of fish. The variety in species to be found is also remarkable. With fish encompassing every shade of the rainbow, from small to down right mammoth, Fanning Island has everything an angler could wish for-- all in one place.

Why Fanning Island

We offer several diverse fishing experiences, each catered to your individual desires and skill level. No matter what you want to catch our expert guide, Alex Budge, a world-renowned champion fisherman, will make sure you're able to snag it. Take a look below to get a glimpse at why Fanning Island offers an angling adventure that simply cannot be beaten.

Our Guide

Our head guide, Alex Budge, was born and raised in Hawaii and is a waterman almost beyond compare. Whether armed with a fly rod, spinning tackle, trolling rod or spear-gun, few people in the world can match Alex when it comes to competence in the water or the ability to get a fish on the line. He has been both owner and Captain of the Kailua-Kona charter boat, Spooky Luki and is the many-time winner of Hawaiian Island “slide-bait” tournaments in which the winning giant trevally often exceeds 100 pounds. More importantly, he has spent a lifetime honing the skills necessary to successfully pursue every species of game fish that Fanning Island has to offer.

Fanning-Island-Resort bonefishing flats

Our Format

Like we do everything else at Fanning Island Resort, we make sure your angling experience is focused around the most important aspect-you. For this reason we limit our fishing format to only 6 anglers, that way each and every visitor has one-on-one time with our masterful guide. In addition, our high quality fishing boats and tackle ensure you are set up for success every step of the way. 

Our Fishing Offerings

The best part about fishing at Fanning is the diversity. Not only is there a plethora of different fish, such as Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, Tuna, and Bonefish, but there are also several ways that you can capture these swimming masterpieces.


Fanning-Island-Resort spearfishing for saltwater fish

For the adventurer, we offer spearfishing (we can provide you a rod, or you can bring your own). There are few experiences as exhilarating as catching a Wahoo or Doggie while swimming under the waves.

Diving for Lobster

Fanning-Island-Resort saltwater diving for spiny lobster
Fanning-Island-Resort delectable fresh lobster

For a more relaxed experience, we offer drift snorkeling for delectable spiny lobster. Local guides can help you find all of the hot spots. Were confident you'll catch enough to feed the entire resort!


Fanning-Island-Resort fly fishing flats fish for bonefish

One experience we are excited to offer is fly fishing for Bonefish. For anyone who hasn't tried this addictive hobby, we highly recommend it. This type of fishing is ideal in warm, shallow waters like those around our lagoon, and makes for a challenging but rewarding day on the resort.

Fanning-Island-Resort saltwater fishing for doggie, trevally tuna and wahoo

Our Equipment

We'll make sure that you have everything you need when you land at the resort. More importantly, our guide will give you insider tips on how to best utilize the equipment to land the biggest catches.