Fanning Island Resort offers exclusive access to a truly edge-of-the world surfing and angling experience. Fanning Island Resort is a Private Public Partnership between Coral Sun Aviation and the 8 villages of Fanning and focused on the sustainable use model of Community Based Resource Management. Fanning Island Resort is situated on the remote Fanning Island, Kiribati, is limited to 6 anglers or surfers per week in order to ensure our professional guides can hand-tailor every aspect of the visit to your desires. The experience of our guides, combined with the myriad flats fishing locations within the island's protected lagoon and world-class surf-breaks scattered around the Island, guarantees you will have no trouble catching trophy fish and perfect waves alike; which allows you to focus solely on soaking up the jaw-dropping, adrenaline-pumping, and downright astounding experiences offered by this idyllic island, we provide an all-inclusive stay and private-round trip air-charter from neighboring Christmas Island. This way, nothing will get in the way of what truly matters: you.

Draw a line from San Francisco to Sydney, and another from Santiago to Shanghai. In the middle of the Equatorial Pacific where these two lines cross, just under four hours flight time from Hawaii, and a little more from Australia, is Kiribati’s Tabuaeran Island. Tabuaeran, or Fanning Island, is one of the most inaccessible atolls in the Pacific. It is also a waterman’s dream, delivering a handful of empty, world-class surf breaks, a lagoon teeming with game fish, and one of the most pristine coral reef systems on Earth. Simply put, Fanning Island offers an unparalleled experience of perfect surf, pristine fishing, diving, and an authentic, welcoming island culture.  


Ask any wayward yachtsman who has crossed the Pacific with a surfboard and a fishing pole, and you’ll often hear of the magical Eden of Fanning Island. Situated only three hours South of the Hawaii via Fiji Air, Fanning Island is part of Kiribati, an island republic in the Central Pacific comprised of 33 coral atolls stretching along the equator. Accessible only by boat for over a decade, and now only reliably accessible via Pegasus Lodges private air charters from Christmas Island, Kiribati, we are proud to share one of the last vestiges of the unspoiled Pacific.

Fanning Island is coral atoll of exquisite opal colors just a few feet above sea level sitting on top of an extinct volcano many hundreds of feet below. Though in the equatorial Pacific just a little north of the equator, the island is blessed with a maritime climate that averages 83 degrees in both the sea and air.

Tabuaeran Atoll, formerly called Fanning Atoll or Fanning Island, coral formation of the Northern Line Islands, part of Kiribati, in the west-central Pacific Ocean. Discovered in 1798 by an American trader and explorer, Edmund Fanning, the atoll is composed of several islets that surround a lagoon 32 miles (51 km) in circumference. It was annexed in 1888 by Britain as the site for a transpacific cable-relay station, which was in service until a new cable was installed in 1963. For the first half of the 20th century, the atoll was owned by a copra-processing company; it is still heavily planted with coconuts. The island served as a district headquarters of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony from 1916 to 1952, when they were moved to Christmas (now Kiritimati) Atoll. The name was changed from Fanning to Tabuaeran Atoll when it became part of independent Kiribati in 1979. Copra and seaweed are produced for export. 

Due to the this remote location and low levels of hospitality operations - Fanning Island remains unspoilt by the rampants development in most parts of the South Pacific. Pegasus Lodges welcomes you and your family to visit the private beaches and waves of Fanning Island Resort and experience the warmth and hospitality of the culture and people of Fanning Island. 


Our guesthouse, A la Bella Etoile, offers a perfect immersion into the beautiful yet simple culture of Fanning Island. Organically built over a period of 20 years by proprietor, Bruno de Lala, and reminiscent of a Robinson Crusoe fantasy, A la Bella Etoile is a work of art that speaks to Bruno’s marine heritage, incorporating many items that came from the sailboat he foundered on the local reef many years back. Wonderfully rustic and comfortable, A la Belle Etoile comfortably accommodates up to six guests and offers a truly one-of-a-kind experience where guests are immersed in authentic timeless village life while simultaneously basking in the gracious hospitality of Bruno and his family. 



A la Belle Etoile offers four private rooms with shared baths, each set in the Robinson Crusoe-esqe compound of the de Lala family. Each unit is constructed almost entirely of drift-wood timber and other materials collected on the island, and each features a bed protected by mosquito nets. Comfortable, yet very simple, the rooms at A la Belle Etoile are the perfect metaphor for what a visit to Fanning Island should be: an unforgettable immersion into another world.



  • Mosquito nets
  • Communal dining


  • Daily housekeeping
  • All amenities (shampoo, soap, conditioner, etc.)


Meals are all-inclusive – with the exception of select beverages – and typically center around a mesmerizing bounty of fresh seafood lovingly prepared by Bruno’s wife, Tabita. We offer a simple, yet delicious set-menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner comprised, whenever possible, of locally sourced organic and sustainable ingredients. 

Fanning-Island-Resort fly-fishing-for-bone-fish-fanning-island-resort

While lesser known than neighboring Christmas Island, Fanning Island offers fishing that is second to none. From the massive deep-water lagoon to a vast plain of hard sand flats, staggering numbers of bonefish and trevally abound. The geography of the island, partnered with consistent year-round weather creates dreamy conditions for any fishermen lucky enough to find their way to this amazing atoll. Fishing ranges from sight fly-casting for bonefish to popping in the surf line for massive giant trevally. Almost as a bonus, the blue water surrounding Fanning Island teems with pelagic species and it is not at all uncommon for tuna and wahoo to be caught practically in the lagoon.  

Fishing Program

Due to our limited format of only six anglers per week, we boast a highly flexible fishing program that can take full advantage of varying tides and fishing conditions. Each evening our head guide will lead a discussion on the program for the following day’s fishing based on the conditions at hand. It is likely that your departure time from the lodge will vary each morning according to the tides and where you will be fishing.

The Surf

Fanning-Island-Resort uncrowded-surf-vacation-fanning-island

With surfing exclusivity on Fanning Island and limited to only six surfers, Fanning Island Resort is a dream of reality. Fanning is centrally located in the equatorial Pacific, catching the same South swells that Cloudbreak and Teahupoo does a day later on their way to Hawaii and the West Coast.  Being 1,000 miles South of Hawaii, it catches the same winter swells Hawaii does a day later with refined long period perfection.

See the surf spots

Including Fanning Left and Right, Racetracks, and Whaler's Left and Right

Our Surfing Guides

At Fanning Island, our guides ensure success for each and every one of our guests, and can be thanked for countless guests surfing the very best waves of their lives. We invest seriously in hiring and developing the best surf guides in the world. Our guides, who are world-class surfers themselves, focus intently on enhancing your experience-not their own. They ensure both your time and enjoyment are maximized, and always match a break’s degree of difficulty with your own capabilities.

Fanning-Island-Resort fanning-island-fishing-flats

Fill your days with adventure, in and out of the water. While rod fishing and surfing are the main attractions, our staff accommodates spearfishing and lobster-diving trips, epic drift snorkeling excursions, tours of the atoll, and cultural trips to the eight Tabuaeran villages. Make the most of your time here and, despite the world-class fishing and surfing, make a point of immersing yourself in the holistic experience. Don’t forget that you are amongst a handful of people lucky enough to visit this amazing, untouched corner of the world. 

Drift Snorkeling

This snorkel drift dive starts just outside of the passage with deep, clear blue water and accelerates as you drift as if flying over shallow reefs, sand bars and fish.


Spearfishing and Fly Fishing

Head out of the lagoon in a local boat and see if you can pick off a doggie, wahoo, or mahi mahi, or stay on shore and fly fish for bone fish



Village Immersion

Spend part of the day visiting one of the eight villages that comprise the island’s population centers. Volunteer on one of our community projects or simply share a meal with a local family.  We guarantee that it will be a highlight of your trip.

Lobster Diving

The Fanning lagoon is full of spiny lobster. Grab a local guide and make a contribution to the dinner table! We guarantee that it will be a highlight of your trip.


fanning island resort on tabuaeran atoll, kiribati, central Pacific

Here’s the reason Fanning Island’s world class fishing grounds and waves go literally untouched: It can be a little tricky to get to. Pegasus guests arrive at Christmas Island (CXI) via Honolulu or Nadi on Fiji Air. They are greeted upon arrival by a Fanning Island Resort representative and escorted immediately to an awaiting King Air for their private, hour-long charter to Fanning Island.  A 10 minute, open air pick-up truck ride to A la Belle Etoile completes the journey to this amazing edge-of-the-earth destination.

History and Culture

Tabuaeran shares a prehistoric mystery similar to Rapa Nui (Easter Island). 1,200 years ago to about 600 years ago, upwards of several thousand Polynesians lived in villages around the island. Though there are ruins of religious buildings and ancient gathering places, it is believed this is the last island Polynesians colonized before they discovered Hawaii. For six hundred years the island was uninhabited, until the 1850’s when it was established as a coconut oil plantation and later settled by the people of Kiribati.

Fanning-Island-Resort the history of fanning island

In 1914 the German Navy destroyed a cable relay station that had been built by the British in 1902 and since then contact with the outside world has been limited to the three- or four-times-a-year cargo ships bringing rice, beer, flour, cooking oil, cotton fabric and a few other essentials, and to the occasional intrepid yachtsman.

…Or so it was before Norwegian Cruise Lines (N.C.L.) began making regular calls in December 2001. Shortly thereafter, island residents encountered their first telephone, faucet or electrical outlet. For seven years, the islanders adapted to a weekly influx of 2,000 N.C.L. passengers, mostly American, mostly in their 60's and older, who came swarming ashore swathed in tank tops, flip-flops, sunglasses and sunscreen. Life seemed as if it was changing forever until N.C.L. abruptly ceased the Fanning Island port call in 2008. Since then, the economy and the people of Fanning Island have reverted to a quiet, forgotten life interrupted only by the occasional yacht or cargo ship.

The population is made up of about 330 land owning families living in 8 villages numbering about 1,900 people. The 8 villages are connected by a dirt path, with 2 villages to the North of the lagoon passage and 6 villages to the south. Travel is limited to bicycles, motorbikes, canoes, with a few old trucks voyaging around the island.

A la Belle Atoile is managed by the intrepid Frenchman, Bruno de Lala, who left Bordeaux in 1979 to sail to Tahiti and never sailed back. After two shipwrecks, Bruno settled on Fanning Island over twenty years ago with his wife, Tabita, where they slowly built A la Belle Atoile and started a small family.  With help from Pegasus and Fanning Island Resort, Bruno now looks forward to sharing his love for one of the few remaining untouched islands paradises on Earth.

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