There are over 10 different waves within an hour’s run of the lodge; the majority are within 30 minutes. The surf here is ultra-consistent, with lefts and rights that work in all tides. Best of all, the variety of surf offers many options for all levels of surfers and equipment. Directly at the doorstep of your private Fale are waves suitable for your 8-year-old, as well as the avid barrel rider. 

The breaks below are just a sample of the places we regularly surf with our guests. Also rest assured there are a few spots NOT on the site we “may” get to visit while you are here. Also, surfing is even allowed at Aganoa on Sundays

Aganoa Lodge Samoa Surf Reports

The Surf Spots

Savai’i’s premiere wave and just a quick paddle from the beach at Aganoa. Like Salani on neighboring Upolu island, Aganoa Right is extremely consistent, breaking any time of the year and at all sizes from 2-10ft+. The Right also has multiple take-off spots for any surf-level and is optimal at mid though high tides.

Also in front of the restaurant at Aganoa and a short paddle from the Right, the Left peels around the reef pass and into a channel on the western side of the beach. Depending on the swell direction, the Left has a gorgeous barrel as well.

An intoxicating reef pass eerily reminiscent of the famed G-Land on Java. Surfable from 4-12ft+, the wave is a long, wrapping mix of both hollow, barreling sections and rippable walls. Just 30 mins from Aganoa.

Just across the channel from K-Land, Middles is a playful, bowly split-peak peeling into a wide channel. Across the channel from the left is also a shorter but very fun right when you get frustrated by the crowd (your other 4 buddies) at Middles.

A long, extremely fun right 30 minutes up the northeast side on the corner of an outer reef (that’s still paddle-able). While the wave still barrels, it’s a bit softer than Aganoa and perfect for any skill level.

Keith Martin has uncovered a wealth of unknown, unsurfed “secret” spots over the course of almost three decades Savai’i. And though he’s hesitant to give away his secret locations, he won’t hesitate to tell you that the outer reefs of the East-side are home to some of his favorites. Accessible only by boat and almost invisible from shore, perfect reef passes peel down empty lineups into sparking blue lagoons. 

An hour away from Aganoa and the reliable “hedge” against the “devil wind” that hits our house waves straight onshore, Coconut Grove is a mercurial setup that can be fun and playful or downright terrifying. A series of left-hand setups that wind across a shallow reef, the wave can be as hollow as any wave in the Pacific or as rippable as any wave, well, anywhere.

Savai'i's only beginner wave, the Little Left softly breaks on a reef pass at the edge of our Lagoon at high tide. While you still need reef booties, the Left can provide hours of fun small waves and smiles. 

Our Surfing Guides

At Aganoa Lodge Samoa, our guides are the key to our success, and are responsible for countless guests surfing the best waves of their lives. We invest seriously in hiring and developing the best surf guides in the world. World-class surfers who focus on enhancing your experience, not their own. They ensure your time is maximized, and match a break’s degree of difficulty with your own capabilities. Our guides are all about safety. They are qualified and well-trained in emergency procedures. We continually evaluate our safety and risk management processes in consultation with industry-leading authorities. Guidance, hazard identification, equipment, emergency plans…we’re serious about prevention, and making sure your surf travel experience is the best it can be.

Surf Transfers

Aganoa Lodge Samoa provides safe, comfortable, all-inclusive surf transfers to waves on all parts of the island. The geography of Savai'i produces unique possibilities of surf in a multitude of swell and wind directions. Transfers are also available for eco-tours, cultural visits and more.

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