Yoga and Surfing at Aganoa Lodge Samoa

As surfers, most of us have a genuine appreciation for nature, fitness and wellness.  Yoga complements surfing as it emphasizes strength, flexibility, balance, and breathing. Yoga is a great way to stay in shape when the surf is flat, prevent injuries, warm up before paddling out and to stretch out the body after a long surf session. We appreciate that many partners and family members of avid surfers may also have an interest or a passion for yoga and therefore are excited to announce the construction of a perfectly situated yoga pavilion on the fringes of the jungle at Aganoa Lodge Samoa 

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At all Pegasus Lodges and Resort properties, we provide amenities and services that focus not only on surfing, but other family-suited activities like eco-excursions, bike riding, hiking, swimming at local waterfalls, and wellness. We think that the ocean-view yoga pavilion at Aganoa Lodge Samoa will inspire you to improve your surfing and provide yet another activity for your non-surfing partners or friends. We provide yoga mats and basic instruction that will get you feeling like surf + yoga master Gerry Lopez in no time. 

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I personally would love to incorporate practicing yoga into my surfing routine but simply have limited opportunities, and minimal inspiration to set up my mat in my home or yard.  At Aganoa Lodge Samoa, we've got you all set up to knock off the stresses of your work life and to get into rhythm with the South Pacific Ocean through the practice of yoga. Bring your partner; we'll see you soon.   

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