The Telo Islands, Indonesia
Swell On The Horizon
Apr 12, 2016

The waves have been very user-friendly over the past few days. ER and Max's Left have been our  waves of choice around the islands.
With a small 2-3 ft swell the boys have been able to find their feet at the start of their trip. Big tides in the morning and late afternoon have made for a nice relaxing siesta over lunch, since this is when tides have been at their lowest point.
Max's Left yesterday was picture perfect in the morning, sun was shining, water was glassy and the waves were in the 2-3ft range. By the afternoon the wind had blown up a little, giving not so glassy conditions, but a few nice waves rolled in with the tide in the late afternoon.
Swell on the horizon, looking to hit around the 14th-15th, we are getting excited out on the islands!
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