Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - Tropical Options

Island weather patterns have influenced our choices this week amongst uncrowded 2-5ft waves around the Telos. The NW winds have come in with the storms meaning our protected breaks have been the super accessible Kindies and Max’s Right which is just fine with us given their proximity from our luxury accommodations.

With the odd change in the wind, we also enjoyed The Patch, Max’s Left and The Bubble, with the stand out session of the trip being at Le-Ba - a peeling right hander almost directly onto a tropical beach just 10 minutes from Telo island Lodge.

On top of all of this, the guests have been on fishing trips behind the boat and also into the mangroves with the intention of catching some fresh dinner to add into our authentic menu created by our valued gourmet chefs. While some operators will shut down going into November/December, we are running full steam ahead for some lucky guests due to the wave quality this year!

Alex Pundyk -

Arcing top turn by Dingo over at Le-Ba.

Ali, right in the pocket at Max's Left.

Dave shooting down the line on a playful Max's Right.

David holding the rail on a beauty out at Max's Left.

How's this one from Le-Ba, Mike doing his thing in style.

Paul hanging out waiting for the perfect time to swing off the bottom.

Kyle lining up the section ahead out at Max's Left.

Max's Right producing wave of the day for Randal one cracking afternoon.

The local fishos checking out their fishing hole in front of the lodge.

The running man inside the barrel - Max's Left

Wayno on one that linked up nicely around the corner at Max's Left

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