Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - The Protected

Trip 19 has begun; the swell has been in the 3-5ft range. Pinnacles, Max's Right, Kindies, The Rock and Schoolyards have been on our hit list. We have seen strong winds out of the NW, which has been fairly typical of the past 5 days.

Our protected south facing Islands have been great in blocking the wind and catching the swell that has been hitting the Telos. Last night was the full moon, this causing our tides to have little change between the high and low tides.

The swell forecast for the next 5 days is showing a slight 1 ft pulse on the 24th-25th with ether side looking pretty consistent at around 3-5ft.  Wind forecast is looking good, NW is on the report but it is looking to settle down over the next 2 days. 

A big Happy Birthday to Hewy for today. Hip Hip Horray!

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