The Telo Islands, Indonesia The Other Side Of The Storm Mar 08, 2017 - PEGASUS LODGES

The Telo Islands, Indonesia
The Other Side Of The Storm
Mar 08, 2017

Our new group of lads rolled in to the lodge with a howling south-westerly and rainy skies—with grins from ear to ear, this weather wasn’t going to dampen their spirit. With promises that it will clear up over the next day or two, the infamous Telo Island Lodge bar became the first port of call. We managed a couple of sneaky surf sessions between rain squalls at Schoolyards and Max's Left, until the weather pattern broke.
What we have woken up to these last few days is exactly what you're looking for on a surf trip. Crystal clear skies to match the blue ocean, almost no wind, opening up options of different waves and not a charter boat in sight. With such great conditions, the boys have been capitalising by leaving the lodge when dark and choosing to surf all morning, refusing to come in for lunch and surfing into the afternoon, with their only sustenance being breakfast wraps, fruit, water and the occasional Bintang.
With the forecast showing much of the same for the next two days, I just wonder how long the boys can keep going at this pace. Our in-house masseuse is seriously under the pump…
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