Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - The Boys Scoring Telos!

Trip 17 has been another absolute cracker! We have been scoring waves all over the Telo islands. Max's Right directly out the front of the lodge, has been the pick of the lot at a consistent 3-6 feet for the duration of the trip. We have also jagged some great sessions at GTs, Le Ba, M16s, Max's Left and The Bubble. The boys from Brissy have given it a decent nudge, not shying away from the big stuff—even though a few may have been a little out of their comfort zone, their commitment even when their bodies were starting to pack it in was nothing short of exceptional.

After days and days of over head surf and enough water time to drown a fish, the swell is starting to back off a little, and will continue to decrease over the next few days. This will give our new guests arriving tomorrow some time to settle in before another decent swell is predicted to arrive on the 15th, if it is anything like these last two I have a feeling that we shall be in for some more stoked out surfers this upcoming trip.

Benjamin Conn -

Ando flying along at Max's Right.

Azza dropping into a bomb.

Farty staring down the tunnel.

Garry on an absolute beauty.

Jamo drawing his line at GTs.

Me on a little insider.

Niko on a runner at The Bubble.

Per cruising at The Bubble.

Sharing a wave at Pinnacles.

Slaughts weighing up his options.

Standard afternoon in Telo.

The boys enjoying a beer on our Tsunami Hill watching the other guests destroy Max's Right!

The Sluggo King stalling for the tube.

Tibbo shooting down the line on a good looking wave.

Warrick scaring the locals in his DTs.

Zachary hitting 12 o' clock.

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