Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - Telo Turns It On For Our Returning Guests

We have a mixed group at the lodge this trip, a few seasoned veterans of TIL and a few freshies, which is nice to have in one group, the old hands showing them the ropes, and the new blood keeping the others on their toes! We have already managed to surf a number of different waves in the area, ER has produced some magic over the last couple of days, Max’s Left has given us a few solo sessions and the first morning with our new guests at Pinnacles was the kind of session you dream about before coming to these areas, crystal clear water, bright blue skies and not a drop of water out of place, a perfect opener on their first ever session in the Telo Islands.

Over the next week we should see this swell level out at basically the same height for the majority of the trip. A few different swell directions and period pulses may change things up a bit, although the trend seems to be very similar for the next week at least. Let's hope we score a few more solo sessions to keep everyone smiling, personally, I don’t think it will be too hard to accomplish.

Benjamin Conn -

A beautiful backdrop!

A beautiful backdrop!

Bomber dropping into one at Schoolyards.

Father and daughter sharing one.

Geoff having the time of his life at Pinnacles.

Glen flying down the line.

Pip charging hard at Schoolyards.

Here she is again, styling at Pinnacles.

Rick at Max's Left.

Steve cutting back at ER.

The Baron on a beauty at ER.

Tom blowing the tail!

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