Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - Telo Magic

It's looking like it could be a good year out on the water around the Telo Islands. We have seen back-to-back swells over the past few trips and the prospects are looking good for the next bunch of new guests, who will arrive tomorrow afternoon.

We have had pretty constant waves at most of the breaks. As always, one of our favorite spots around the corner at Max's Left has been giving out a bunch of epic sessions this trip. Swell ranging from 2-6ft, winds pretty light, glassy days, nice sunrises, serene sunsets and a good bunch of people is what puts smiles on our dials.

Splitting the group to chase a few hollower waves has paid off, allowing a few guests to start frothing out over waves such as GT's and Kindies.

Pinnacles and Le Ba have also had a run. This morning Le Ba produced nice 3-4 footers, with winds slightly out of the South, gentle enough not to mess up the face of the waves. Plenty of waves were surfed and another surf break was ticked off their list.

In front of the lodge, we've had awesome waves most days. A few of the guests have been giving it a good run, making the most of our home break.

Another swell is on the horizon so fingers crossed our next guests score a bit of Telo Island Magic!

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