Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - Telo Dreaming

Trip 26 was a great one. The Telos turned on all trip long for each of our last guests, with many waves enjoyed by the boys. With northerly winds blowing most of their trip, out front we saw Max's Right, GT's and the Bubble lighting up (GT's especially; 5 days straight!).

Now Trip 27 has arrived at the tail end of the swell, with waves still around the 4-5ft mark. We're pleased to say that our house wave out front, as well as the Bubble have been marked off our bucket list!

This morning the group was split between the two breaks, with a few wanting to make the most of Max's Right and the others venturing out to frolic amongst the cool, clean waves at the Bubble.

The Bubble was a nice head high height and running the whole way down the reef. The boys returned to the lodge with a grin from ear to ear. They were welcomed by the others who were also stoked on their session.

The afternoon session was surfed at Max's Right, and the waves were still rolling through quite consistently.

The swell forecast is looking like it will be jacking up again in 2 day's time. Lets hope these waves just keep on rollin' in!

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