Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - Swells Up

The swell has arrived and Max’s Right, Max’s Left and Schoolyards have been our go-to spots this trip, boasting killer waves ripe for the picking.

The house break out in front of the lodge has been dominating most of our sessions with waves in the 3-6ft range, with the northwest winds creating perfect offshore conditions. Tackling these mid-level swells has kept our days going and full of fun.

A swing in the wind yesterday allowed a session at Max’s Left which was a nice change for guests who have been drooling to surf the famous left hander around the corner. 

The swell looks like it will be hanging around for a few more days and hopefully conditions will allow access to a few other locations. Until then we enjoy the company, tropical weather, and most of all the classic, surf-ready Telo waves!

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