Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - Swell Is Still On

The Telo Islands have seen a consistent swell stick around for the last 10 days. Many of our breaks have been pumping mechanically, with various winds changing throughout the day making for an exciting time on the waves.

Kindies has been on fire, and so has The Left, Max's Right, The Bubble, The Patch, and the odd wave has been surfed at Big W.

Swell has been around the 3-6ft mark with a few little rises and lulls during the day. Gentle winds have been coming out of the East and swinging around to the North North-West in the afternoons.

The Patch this morning had a few nice rights and lefts rolling through, hitting the reef beautifully. A rewarding afternoon session was surfed over at Kindies; the boys hit a few bombs and had a good go of it. All in all, it was a picturesque evening, topped off with a near-perfect sunset lightly dipping into the water.

We were also able to sneak in a few paddle board sessions around the island to round off the day.

A few of our other guests went in search of some exotic fishing. While one boat surfed, another went out to the 13 mile mark, dragging a few lures around one of our fishing marks. It was one trip the boys will not forget, as it saw them bring home 5 Wahoo and 2 Spanish Mackarel.  

The swell is looking to stick around for the next 5 days, and could even see a pulse hit around Friday.

Keep the waves coming!

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