Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - Surf's Up!

The swell that is pounding on our shorelines right now is definitely this year's biggest so far! As I am sitting here writing this surf report, wave after wave out the front of my office grinds along the reef unridden. Our guests have hardly had to venture off this island since they have arrived, with both Max’s Right and Max’s Left turning it on most days. The session yesterday at The Left had everyone a little nervous until the boys threw caution to the wind and tackled the 6-8ft swell head on! The atmosphere over lunch was drifting from pure stoke to sheer bewilderment at what they had just accomplished and maybe even a little apprehension about what was going to happen during our next session that afternoon.

Between broken boards, barrels, big drops, gnarly wipeouts and some amazing rides—the boys have really stepped it up, and I am super keen to see what these legends bring to the table over the next couple of days, as this swell doesn’t look like it will be slowing down any time soon!

Benjamin Conn -

Aaron with a tight pocket turn.

Ando pig-dogging.

Per dominating Max's Left after his fifth ever surf!

Dan tucking in tight!

The boys sharing a nice one.

Hooking down the line at Max's Left.

Zak on a beauty.

Brad on an absolute monster!

Farty charging!

McGarry on a good looking wave!

Niko in position.

Racing the section at Max's Right.

Azza pulling up under the section out the front of the lodge.

Gaz man all style.

Tibbo pulling in out the front.

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