Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - Sunny Days

This past week out here has been a barrel of laughs, in the water and on land. While the swell hasn’t been massive, we have managed to get a few really fun sessions at our wave magnets that have proved that even on days with small swell, great waves are still around. The weather has been absolutely stunning, hardly any rain, just sunny days almost every day!

An increase in swell in predicted to fill in throughout the day, by tomorrow it should be well overhead and holding in till the end of the trip. The boys have been waiting all week for this swell, let's hope it exceeds all expectations.

Benjamin Conn -

An empty barrel rolls through unridden.

Boosting on the inside.

Browny on a nice looking wave.

Browny setting one up.

Chris burying his rail.

James going to the air.

Matt hacking the back out of it.

Matt on a beauty!

Mike dropping into a clean peak.

Nice carve.

Stevo on a below sea level drainer.

Tom cutting back to the foam.

Tom paddling in on the shoulder.

Tom smashing the lip.

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