The Telo Islands, Indonesia Simply Stunning Apr 02, 2017 - PEGASUS LODGES

The Telo Islands, Indonesia
Simply Stunning
Apr 02, 2017

We have come to the tail end of Trip 10, and the boys have finally had some time to slow down a little instead of surfing from dawn till dusk. At the start of the trip, we had a very consistent swell and light variable winds, which meant the waves were absolutely pumping everywhere we looked, the lads could barely contain their froth, surfing ourselves silly, day after day. By day 5, we started to to really feel the hours in the water creep up on us and as the swell started to ease off from day 6—we did too. 
As the swell has backed off a little, we slowed down to only 2 sessions per day, still finding periods of perfection at our wave magnets. A number of our crew even managed to take an afternoon out of the water to check out Tello Town, mixing with the locals and taking in our surroundings to realise where we are, creating some pretty special moments. Taking our TIL veterans into Tello Town for the first time gave everyone a different kind of froth, something that riding waves (as perfect as they are) simply cannot produce. That being said, it was a pretty awesome trip for waves too.
(All photos courtesy of Stu Gibson)

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