Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - M16 Turns It On!

The last few days have produced fun, empty waves at almost every session, the prevailing north-east to south-east winds have kept the majority of lefts in the area offshore, much to the delight of the goofy footers on the trip this week. We have also managed to surf a couple of rights on the days with a little less wind keeping the regulars (mostly) satisfied as well. The thing I love most about this place is that even after years of people surfing in this area, there are still more breaks to be found, which is exactly what happened this trip, and the guys aptly named their wave M16s.

The swell has filled in today, creating some larger waves for the lads to finish out their trip on a high. As it is their last full day, the plan is to surf until we drop! Lets see if they can keep up after ten days of rigorous surfing. We have a decreasing swell over the next two days and then by the look of the charts, we could have some serious waves hitting the islands over the next week. 

Please tell me, is there anywhere else you would rather be….?

Benjamin Conn -

Brett setting up the tube.

Chad smacking the loop.

An empty wave rolls through.

Dave pushing the tail.

Dave stalling for the barrel.

Dean cracking the lip.

Keola lining up on a beauty at M16s.

Keola sliding across the lip.

Keola slotted.

Kerwin carving back to the foam.

Kerwin slashing the lip out the front of the lodge.

Kev dropping his wallet.

Kev trimming, with his toes on the nose.

Kimo all style.

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