Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - Just Another Swell

Swell after swell has been hitting Indonesia. Yesterday we had another one hit and produce a lot of nice, beautiful waves around the place. Winds have been consistent out of the north to northwest today, and yesterday they were coming out of the east for a few hours, making for a nice session out at Max's Left in the morning.

Kindies, Max's Right and Max's Left have been on our hit list.

We headed off to Le-Ba early yesterday to find a 4-6ft swell really coming in and throwing a lot of water down the beautiful beach. Since there was a little too much water moving, we headed back to the famous Max's Left which was a bit more user friendly. As usual the waves were lining up down the reef pretty nicely.

The pack was split in the afternoon, some heading back to 4ft Left and some heading out the front to 4-6ft Max's Right which was on fire all day.

The reports are saying its a dying swell over the next few days, which may open up a few other options on our not so protected facing islands. 

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