Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - It Hasn't Stopped!

Huey has really outdone himself this week! The swell has not stopped producing clean lines each and every day. As the wind hasn’t really come up over 5 knots this past week, we have managed to jag sessions all over Telo Islands including a couple of standout sessions at GTs, The Bubble and Le Ba. Max's Left has still been producing although our guests have been opting to surf other spots to keep things fresh and trial new waves in the area, which is the beauty of having such a large number of options within 30 minutes of the lodge—although sometimes it can be difficult to leave the lodge when there is a perfect right hander grinding down the reef directly in front of your bedroom.

We are expecting yet another pulse tomorrow, and the day after is looking like it is going to be quite a sight to behold. With so much surfing going down and more swell on the way, I am going to try to convince the guests to take a tour around Telo Island this afternoon mixing in with the local culture and see something a little different to perhaps what they are used to. Besides, a little rest will only benefit everyone before this big swell arrives in a couple more days.

Benjamin Conn -

Me, stalling at GTs.

Browny dropping in at The Bubble.

Corey on a beauty.

Corey blowing the tail at Le Ba.

Dingo on an overhead one.


John with his new found love for lefts.

Lenny cutting back to the foam.

Mangrove cruise.

Mark dropping into a good looking wave at The Bubble.

Mark with a nice hack in the pocket.

Flying down the line.

Moff on a cracker.

Simmo drawing nice lines.

And Simmo again, setting up at Pinnacles.

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