The Telo Islands, Indonesia Island Paradise Mar 31, 2017 - PEGASUS LODGES

The Telo Islands, Indonesia
Island Paradise
Mar 31, 2017

You couldn’t ask for a better way to start a trip. We’ve got a few 'oaks' from South Africa with us at the moment, and they have been blessed with some serious waves during each and every session. It is the fourth day in, and the boys are averaging 6-7 hours in the water per day. We have been surfing at Kindies, Schoolyards, Max's Left, Pinnacles—and we enjoyed an almost surreal day yesterday, which involved an overhead session at Max's Left. We had a break for lunch then went straight over to GT’s to score some head height nuggets and a late journey to The Bubble to find empty, glassy 2-3 foot runners, which the guests dominated over the last hour and a half of daylight. Afterwards, everyone climbed back into the boat to cruise home with Bintangs in hand, not really believing what had occurred throughout the day. With wild calls such as “Best day ever!” being thrown around, the breathtaking sunset only topped off a truly, unforgettable day.
(Photos courtesy of Stu Gibson, ultra professional, and all-time legend!)

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