Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - Groms Owning Telo

The last week in Telo has been quite slow, and there has been a considerable break between swells with quite a few stormy days; however, if you were to ask the groms here at the lodge how have the waves been, the only answer you will hear is “It's pumping out there!” or “It's proper!”.

The lack of swell seems to be all relative when you are 40 kilos dripping wet. Although the waves have been small, we have still managed to find a few super glassy days with some fun peaks to be enjoyed by only our guests. We have not surfed with anyone else all trip besides our 4 guests, and they have had their run of the lodge. In between sessions, we went skurfing behind the boat, and the lads showed us some real skills.

Overall, it has been all smiles after nearly every session, and with the new swell arriving in a couple of days, things can only get better. We are expecting a 16-second-period swell to show up tomorrow coming in from the south so a couple of gems may indeed open up for the guys. We are seeing a second pulse back up the first one too, so it looks like waves for the next 6 days to close out the remainder of their trip!

Andy ready to pounce.

Andy tucking in.

Ben on a little nice peak.

An empty runner.

Little Joshy pulling in.

Josh putting it on rail.

And Josh again, on a bomb.

Luke holding his line and pulling in.

Lukey dropping his wallet.

Gus, super stoked on his catch!

Onyx paddling into a perfect little peak.

Sammy getting in early.

Luke getting some hang time behind the boat.

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