Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - Good Waves, Better Company

The boys have not slowed down in the least. With a decreasing swell predicted to wind up their trip, the lads have stepped up and surfed as many hours a day as their bodies will let them. Although the swell has been steadily decreasing, we have still snuck around to a couple of our swell magnets and jagged some super fun sessions at Maxs Left, GTs, The Rock, and they even went for a day trip down south which produced some fun waves until the wind came up which ‘forced' the boys to start sinking cans from lunchtime, and made for a hilarious trip back to the lodge.

The swell over the next couple of days looks like sticking around the two foot range, with a spike predicted on their final day. The long range forecast is showing some signs of a great looking swell, which is forecasted to hit by the end of the week. The new crew should have a few days to warm into it before Friday comes around bringing waves in the head high region which only seems to grow over the following days.

Benjamin Conn -

Adam, on a nice little peak.

Dylan, finding some shade at GTs.

Another perfect wave goes unridden.

Smiles all round from the lads!

Gus, stalling for the section.

Joe, racing down the line.

Mark, searching for some shade.

Paul, on an absolute bomb at Max's Left.

Pulsing swell at Max's Left.

Scotty, with a turn in the pocket.

Goofy footers' paradise!

Troy, throwing some spray at GTs.

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