Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - Clean Oily Conditions

Surfing out around the Telos has been pretty perfect over the past 3 days with little to no wind and a pumping 2-6ft swell.

Our new guests are into day 3 and are already ecstatic with what they have been given by our wave and wind gods. A long session at The Rock yesterday morning left a few guest exhausted and in bed nice and early. They weren't surfed out for long, and rebounded for some fun sessions early this morning. With oil-slick like conditions, the boys have had many solid waves at Max's Right, Max's Left and Pinnacles.

Today there has been a rise in the swell, creating a few empty and surf-ready waves rolling through straight out the front of the lodge. The swell is looking like it will drop off a little over the next 2 days then pulse back up to around the 3-6ft range.

The tides have been pretty steady with high and lows fairly similar, with a difference in height of only about 500mm. Days have been starting and ending with jaw-dropping sunrises and sunsets, reminding us of all the Telos have to offer.

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