Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - Chilled Days

Our new guests have arrived and are settling in nicely at the lodge. The forecast hasn’t looked amazing, but each session has provided super fun, glassy waves around the 2-3 foot range, and still no charter boats in sight! The beauty about this area is that no matter what the forecast seems to show, we always manage to find something to ride. The fact that the majority of wind directions are covered, we can almost always find a spot with nice clean lines rolling through. The boys have witnessed this first hand over the last few days, with some very doubtful people jumping on the boat to head out into messy oceans and we have still scored glassy waves in each and every session.

A new pulse in swell is supposed to arrive over the next few days with some south winds, which will hopefully provide us with some overhead waves and a few days at some of our other spots which we haven’t surfed yet. As long as we can keep our streak going—we haven’t surfed with anyone other than ourselves yet this trip—there may be some very content people heading towards the end of the trip.

Benjamin Conn - ben@teloislandlodge

The boys sharing a set at Max's Left.

The Bubble showing us its potential.

An unridden gem at Le Ba.

Gary sticking to the pocket at Max's Left.

John taking the high line at Bubble.

Super fun day at the Left.

John setting up at Le Ba.

Burying the rail.

Paul on a great little insider at Le Ba.

Roll in at Le Ba.

Roll in at Le Ba.

Steve with his toes on the nose.

Steve with his toes on the nose.

Zak on a round one.

Zak on a round one.

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