Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - Baby Blue Skies

We have welcomed in our first guests of 2017 and have already enjoyed a number of sessions at different breaks around the Telo Island chain. The last few days have produced waves around the 2-3 foot range with light variable winds and no charter boats in sight. It's a beautiful time of year now in Telo, with most of the rain and storms that were berating us at the end of last year, migrating further south. 

The new guests have already surfed Kindies, The Bubble, ER’s and Max's Left. They have been putting in long hours the last few days, and I think it is beginning to show with a few starting to enjoy mornings and/or afternoons out of the surf as well — they’ve been participating in snorkelling, paddle boarding and kayaking in and around the islands. It seems like in the next few days, we may see a decrease in swell so I think some fishing, mangrove cruises in the boats or even a tour of Telo Island may be on the cards.

Its looking like a new pulse in the swell is arriving on Sunday the 19th which will give these guys another opportunity to trial some more breaks in the area. We have even commissioned the local badminton players for a tournament tonight which everyone is very excited about. We have entered a special team from Brisbane to take on the locals which I believe can only end in one way — a barrel of laughs. With the swell decreasing, our tournament couldn’t have come at a better time and may give the crew some time to relax, regroup and prepare for the new swell in a few days.

Benjamin Conn -

Al spotting the section.

Caught out by a bomb set at Kindies.

Greg on a nice little runner at The Bubble.

Hamish cruising on one, clear as crystal at The Bubble!

John grabbing the rail at Max's Left.

Marcus showing us how it's done!

Matty opening up!

Pat hitting the lip.

Patty throwing buckets, much to Matt's dismay.

Smooth style by Mr. Bubble.

Snorkelling on a day with skies and ocean - both blue as can be.

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