The Telo Islands, Indonesia An Old Friend Feb 25, 2017 - PEGASUS LODGES

The Telo Islands, Indonesia
An Old Friend
Feb 25, 2017

Good ol' Sammy has returned to us once again at the lodge this week, which means his number of trips to Telo Island Lodge has now culminated to a whopping 19 times! He has brought some favourable winds and a consistent 3-4 foot swell with him as well. Over the last three days, we have hardly had to leave the island, just jumping in the boat and driving for five minutes around to Max’s Left to find long peeling lefts running down the reef each morning and afternoon.
As Sammy is our only guest this week, he has had the run of the lodge and the line-up. We were lucky enough to have the new longboard world champion, Tory Gilkerson, drop in to camp and share a few waves (and beers) with us over the last couple of days; her positive nature and ever smiling demeanor has been super infectious creating awesome vibes, especially whilst enjoying a few beers on the boat talking about our unbelievable solo session and watching the sunset over the islands in the distance.
The next few days seem to be showing a decrease in swell size, however, with light winds predicted, we may be able to leave our island and make the cruisy journey across to Sigata, which is our swell magnet in the area to chase some of the other breaks that the Telo Islands have in store for us.

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