The Telo Islands, Indonesia A Solid Start Apr 26, 2017 - PEGASUS LODGES

The Telo Islands, Indonesia
A Solid Start
Apr 26, 2017

Trip 13 began with a bang and a solid testing couple of days to welcome the new guests at Telo Island Lodge. 
We have had Max's Left, Max’s Right, Le Ba and The Bubble all turning on over the last few days with winds coming out of the south and also from the northwest. The Bubble has been the pick on high tides with some very friendly overhead long walls and the occasional barrel section on offer—while Max’s Left has gone from solid clean up sets, to the very enticing inside bowl sections and also providing very ripple long walls on most tides so far this week. 
Towards the end of the trip, there is another 3-5 foot of swell on its way, while the swell today slightly decreased. The boys are heading over to Kindies and Schoolyards to try their luck.

Izaak van Druten - office@teloislandlodge.com
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