Samoa: The South Pacific's Next "It" Destination

"If you want a destination where a feast of the world’s freshest fish runs $15, an overwater bungalow costs half the price of Tahiti, the water hosts no noxious species, and the beaches are blazingly white, put Samoa on your list." - Amanda Jones

One of the many reasons we at Pegasus Lodges love the experience of Samoa is that it is still largely "un-experienced". 

Amanda Jones writes  "Samoa is like Tahiti 75 years ago, or Fiji 50 years ago...almost no one is here...and once you've arrived, you get a sense of discovery, a feeling of having reached a place before the film crews and honeymooners do."

In Amanda's article she recounts her visit to Upolu, the archipelago's main island, and then ventures where fewer tourists roam to Savai'i and Aganoa Lodge. She explains Savai'i as "merely villages clustered along the single road that skirts the 650-square-mile island. The villages are impeccably tidy: gardens lined with painted white rocks, lawns mowed, no litter. The chieftains compete with each other to have the most immaculate village. If there are black holes beyond black holes, then Savai’i’s temporal reality is one step further again."

The experiences of Savai'i, Samoa are becoming fewer in the world, and farther in between. Rest assured Aganoa Lodge Samoa will continue to embrace the history and culture of Savai’i. We look forward to sharing this special place with all of our friends and family for generations to come. ʻO le fogavaʻa e tasi.”


Read Amanda Jones' full article here

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