Pinnacles on Telo Surf Report - Lighting Up

The new Pinnacles guests have shown up with impeccable timing. The forecast for the ten days has been nothing short of dreamy, with a gradual increase of strong and steady southwest swell and light winds to top it off. Our first couple of sessions were around waist to chest high, so everyone got a good feeling for the reefs before the swell filled in. The conditions have been great for snorkeling after a surf in the crystal clear water. By day three the place was lighting up, with solid sets at just about every break in our area. The guys have been frothing, and the gals have been going for it as well. Yesterday's session at Pinnacles was epic. The group was a little timid when we showed up to find well overhead sets, but they charged it. A few hours, lots of beatings, and a couple broken boards later we left with eight massive smiles. Now that we've had the biggest and best conditions these guests can face anything, and we can't wait to see what the last days of the trip bring us. We may even make some time for a massage and cocktail by the pool, life is too easy out here!

Words by Tory Gilkerson -
Photos by Andrew Shield

Cindy, always smiling.

Our gal Joanna mastering the frontside bottom turn at Pinnacles.

Jack sliding into a big hollow one.

Kurt getting right in the pocket.

Getting some perspective of the lineup.

Brian, showing us just how clear the water is out there.

Tricia dropping in at Max's Left, her favorite of the surf breaks.

Joanna oozing with style at E.R.

Kurt again, showing us why we love our home break.

Absolutely charging, Brian on the biggest day at Pinnacles.

James fully committing to the late drop.

Ariel sneaking into a bomb, nice and early.

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