Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - NW Winds and a Nice Bit of Swell

These consistent NW winds combined with a 3-6ft swell produces enjoyable waves at many breaks around the islands. Maxs Right, our home break out front of the lodge, has been epic! 

Trip 29 has departed with some super satisfied guests. Out the front was consistent, and it could have been surfed 10 out of 10 days, however, giving the guests the option of loading the boat and powering around the islands gave them a great chance to see the other waves such as the much loved Bubble, Pinnacles, Kindies, and even a session over at Le Ba. 

With a family and couples at the lodge, we had plenty of non-surf activities happening throughout the day like snorkelling, skurfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, Telo Island tours and a few fishing adventures.

Trip 30 has arrived, welcomed by mellow 3ft waves at Max's Right and 2ft waves at The Bubble, with the NW winds still sticking around. Kindies and Schoolyards have already been marked off our wave list this morning, giving the boys a little taste of what they can do.

Hopefully the reports are accurate and we see a little pulse hit tonight and tomorrow. 

Alex Pundyk -

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