Telo Island Lodge - Just Another Great Week in Telos

It's been picture perfect around the islands over the past few days, full of hot sunny days and lots of perfect, surfable waves shared with good company.

The Left, which is about 3 minutes away from the Lodge, has been on fire. Swell has been around the 2-5 ft mark with light easterly winds, which has turned it on for our guests and guides. Most sessions have been uncrowded with just our crew, and its been great sharing wave after wave with the lads.

We headed over to Le Ba one afternoon just to mix it up and get a few right handers. The winds were blowing across the waves a little, but it wasn’t enough to effect the surf too much.

This morning was a rough one, South West winds hit us with a storm cell which we saw dissipate as the day went on. Hopefully we get another classic session on the left later this afternoon.

Overall, the surf has nice and consistent, and has been keeping our guests busy with sweet swells. It's been a good week.

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